Activities & Workshops by Solar Roadshow

Activities & Workshops

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Here's a list of hands-on edu-fun activities for kids from ages 4 to 104 by the Solar Roadshow. These can be done indoors or outdoors, unless otherwise indicated. For teachers looking for
prescribed learning outcomes information for each activity, please click here.

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Canada Day 2008 - North Vancouver

Kids Day - Festival of the Arts
(people's reviews only)
(full length)

Whistler Children's Art Festival
(sailcar build/race)
(sticky bubbles)
(carbon-free cooling station)

Vancouver West End Street Festival

Model Bridge-Makers' Faire at an Independent School

Battery Giveaway UFO Magic at Earth Day Kids Zone

Vancity Community Day & Branch Opening

Wind Farm and Sail-Powered Cars Workshops

Sticky Bubbles at GVRD Country Celebration

Eco-Themed Colouring Contest at Shopping Mall

Solar-Robots, Fishing, and Electric Vehicle
at Car Show & Shine

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(For any venue including birthday parties)

Model solar car building , theory and races
Build a solar cooker and take it home - forest fire prevention
Model sailcars and races
Sustainable Energy magic show
Experiment and build wind turbines
Mystery Solar Power Device competition
Solar Electric shock & mind-over-body games
Reviving "non-rechargeable" batteries with solar panels
Solar powered bubble machines, bubble beards for festivals
Solar-powered 'dragon boat' racing

Kinetic solar-powered art

Hands-on Workshops for Schools , Museums,
Out-of-School Care Centres, Summer Daycamps, or

Gifted Kids' Continuing-Education

Ocean wave energy, water turbines
& biofeedback thinking aid

Stirling engines
Fuel cell cars
Repairing umbrellas for zero waste
Almost-free thermoelectric energy
Radio-controlled model sailcars (outdoor only)
Advanced sailcars
Advanced model solar cars (for gifted & advanced learners)
Build a model city ("Electric City") that runs on renewable energy
"Not Invented Yet" Kids Inventors Workshop

Girls rebuilding an electric vehicle

Inventions from Da Vinci to Tesla (including the "Bridge Party")

New Activities

Moonliteball for all ages, indoors, or night time outdoors
"Be The Dinosaur" (kids inside a full-size baby dinosaur edu-fun)
Can a Car Run on Water?
Solar Clap-Clap Bug Race (for ages 3-9 *HOT*)
Bridge Makers' Faire
Giant Solar-Powered Jump-On Piano Keyboard
Revived Battery UFO Magic Show
Keeping people in slow-moving lineups much happier..
..with screaming, crazy edu-fun games
Blue Man Gruppe
recycled-energy sound & light
Catch and Release Fishing Game
Solar Robot-Rowboat Race
Balloon Jousting Knights-In-Shining-Armour
Clicker-Battery Refreshment Bar & Magnet Station
The Wind-Farm and Model Car Races
Watt/Cost/Carbon Calculator Station
Inefficient Car Lightbulb Swap Demo Station
Forest-Saving Device Guessing Game
Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Rocket Launches